Anwar Iqbal - Icon of Automobile Industry of Pakistan Anwar Iqbal - Icon of Automobile Industry of Pakistan Anwar Iqbal - Icon of Automobile Industry of Pakistan Anwar Iqbal - Icon of Automobile Industry of Pakistan
Consultant for the Prominent Business & Industrial Groups of Pakistan

Turn-Around Experience - Accomplishments:

Dewan Group is one of the largest industrial group in Pakistan. They are leaders in automobile, sugar, cement polyester fiber, petroleum & super markets. In the year 2000 I had a meeting with the Managing Director of Dewan Group. They have an industrial set up namely Delta Innovations Ltd. for the manufacturing of various parts and components for the automobiles Industry. This was a loss making unit and they had decided to close this unit. I gave them assurance that I will transform this unit into a profitable venture and will also add some new products. By the grace of God within one year this unit became a profit making cost centre. I also established a motorcycle and truck assembly plant within the same premises mainly utilizing the steel junk available in the plant. I used this junk for the fabrication of assembly lines and paint shop. Now Star motorcycle is popular brand in Pakistan, which is being assembled in same premises. In this way an auto vending industry not only become profitable but also transform in a successful, profit making OEM.

Start-up Experience /SUCCESSFUL MARKETING - Accomplishments:

HERO MOTORCYCLE-FATEH MOTORS LTD. In 1997 Fateh Group decided to diversify its business activities. In the first phase of diversification, Group wished to enter in automobile business. So a series of meetings between myself and board of directors of Fateh were held. Subsequently B.O.D. of Fateh offered me for joining Fateh as Director and establish the automobile project. As a result a new Public Limited Company namely Fateh Motors Limited was formed. I was elected as one of the director and positioned as M.D. My responsibilities were to establish and run the whole business venture of FATEH MOTORS LTD. It was further decided that the basic aim of Fateh Group is to launch &manufacture an ideal passenger car. However I suggested to enter in automobile sector. Fateh group may start with the manufacturing / assembling of motorcycles. My idea was accepted by the B.O.D. It was February 1997. In October 1997 we launched our first motorcycle in Pakistani market which was rolled out from our own plant. During these 9 months i.e. from February 1997 to October 1997 I achieved the following targets: Identification of the first product to be produced and assembled in the proposed plant. Also the selection of brand name. Arrangements for Joint Venture agreement with the foreign company and negotiation for collaboration. Establishment of plant i.e. assembly line, quality control and ware housing facilities. Hiring of technical and marketing personals. Establishment of dealership network on nationwide basis. Approvals of deletion & indigenization programme from Engineering board . Identifying ,sourcing & selecting vendors for the supply of locally manufactured parts. Arrangements for imports of CKD Kits. Arrangements of finance through banks for project and working capital. Basic preparation of advertising campaign and launching of advertising campaign Arrangements for the set-up of after sales service network.

Habib Motorcyles Ltd.

Established Habib Motorcycle from scratch to the development of marketing network. I was reporting to the Board of Directors. Habib Group is the leading industrial group of Pakistan, the flagship of the group is Indus motors, producing and marketing Toyota vehicles in Pakistan.

Habib Motorcycle project is successfully running now, my responsibilities includes all aspects of the venture i.e. establishment of total company structure including hiring of personals, marketing & sales strategy, establishment of Assembly plant, selection of principal from china for import of CKD kit, liaison with government agencies, financials & operations etc. etc. Initial Operations and responsibility for P & L.